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Music in TV!! [Lunar Eclipse] watch from here!!

Sky Tour Tokyo is now on the air via Chiba TV!! 24:00〜24:30 on June 7th, 14th, 21th, 28th .
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Please check our new inbound service includes sightseeing and transportation.

Lunar Eclipse -main music of Sky Tour Tokyo.
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Composed by Yusuke Inamoto
Arranged by Yusuke Inamoto, Pablo San Martin, Haruhito Tomomitsu

Drums-Zach Allred
Keyboard-Eren Başbuğ
Bass-Joshua Young
Guitar-Yusuke Inamoto

Engineered by Pablo San Martin, Alberto Goicoechea, Xavi MP, Mennon Sud-heep
Mixed by Pablo San Martin
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis (M-Works Mastering Studio Inc,)
Recorded at The Record Company Boston, MA

Camera -Alberto Goicoechea, Haruhito Tomomitsu
Edited by Haruhito Tomomitsu

Produced by HAL

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