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Transfer of Foreign License

Transfer of foreign license for customers aspiring to become career pilots in Japan

Alpha Aviation has instructor resources to help transfer American (FAA), Australian, New Zealand pilot and instrument certificates etc. to commercial Japanese versions and has quite some experience in doing it.

We help facilitating a smooth and price-efficient transfer in order to gain employment in e.g. airlines and offer our strong support throughout.

Section chief: Mitsuo Aoyama

Vice chief: Goro Aosaki

When a foreign license is transferred, and one doesn’t look at the actual differences in requirements between the two sides, what often happens is that the applicant ends up flying between 80 and 100 hours of general training as well as another 80 to 100 hours of instrument training on top.
Alpha Aviation does its outmost to avoid this scenario.

We’ll look into the details of what actually is necessary and will sort this out for you.

You can’t write up a quick-and-dirty assessment of what it will cost here, so we’re happy to receive the details of what budget you have and your flight experience by mail or fax so we can advise you properly.

Please contact us at:

Telephone: (+81) 33452-8420

Fax: (+81) 33452-8957


Our specialist department is situated at our Fukushima Flight Division.