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Flying Accident-Free for 30 Years!

Flying Accident-Free for 30 Years!

First of all, thank you all so much for your patronage over the last three decades! Alpha Aviation appreciates our business partners for their sincere cooperation and our employees for their professional work, diligence and enthusiasm. Without all of you, we would not be here today.

Managing an aviation company for 30 accident-free years is a challenge. Just imagine…. every day for 10,950days, AA’s pilots, mechanics, other employees and I have paid strict attention to safety as a matter of course.

Over the last thirty years, many of our competitors vanished. You may ask how I was able to keep AA aloft for so many years, and my answer is because I have a wonderful co-pilot in both my work and home life, my husband, Kenji Saito. From the get-go, we have worked hard in this business, to reach our goals and to help each other.

Alpha Aviation continues to lead the way in the general aviation business in Japan. We were the first company to conduct helicopter training with the Robinson R22 and R66 for a university in Japan. Also we continue to provide aviation training to university students using the Diamond DA 40 and DA42.

At the beginning , we operated only an R22 ; however, now we operate eight R22s, two R44s, two R66s, one A109C, two DA40s, two DA42s, one C172 for a total of 18 aircraft.

We are so proud that our employees have stayed with us for up to 28 years!

The winds of change are in the air for the next decade and AA will be at the forefront of these. As it looks right now, flight systems will likely change and developing UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) will become the norm. These developments will keep us motivated and eager to take on the new challenges that are sure to surface.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Best regards,
Shizuka Saito

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