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Collaborative TV-productions

Below is a substantial list of different programs, where Alpha aviation has partaken in the production. We’re working on translating the articles, but for now you can have a look at some examples in Japanese. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Special spring program where we were featured. (Japanese)

Series from Fuji TV (national) entitled “The Endless Spring of Trivia”, where we demonstrated on TV how the legendary story of the falling bowling ball was born. (Japanese)

◆ National series from Nihon TV entitled “Miomonta’s Incredible TV” where our pilot, Tanizawa, was featured.

◆ From TBS TV, “The Work Seminar” by Sana Takimoto. (Japanese)

◆ Gyao Internet TV featured our president Shizuka Saito in their monthly program. (Japanese)

◆ Nikkei CNBC featured us in their “Nikkei CNBC Express”. (Japanese)

◆ Sports ESPN had us appearing in “Pro-Mopurisensu”. (Japanese)

◆ The spring program “World Records” from Nihon TV featured us. (Japanese)

◆ Nihon TV featured us in “Hanamaru Market”. (Japanese)

◆ In the first dawn of 2004 we reported live from the helicopter in Tokyo MX Channel’s “Tokyo Morning Supplement”. (Japanese)

◆ CRT Tochigi Radio’s “The Classroom of the Sky”. (Japanese)

◆ TV Tokyo’s series “The Historic Automobile Festival in Japan” featured us as well. (Japanese)

◆ The CRT Tochigi Radio “Good mood today as well! Good (wide) day!” program had us reporting live on air. (Japanese)

◆ We were filming Nihon TV’s program “The Stride of Japan”. (Japanese)

◆ We were also filming the TBS series “Manhattan Love Story”. (Japanese)

◆ Again in CRT Tochigi Radio we were featured in “Our Reporter Nakayama Experiences Enrolling at Alpha Aviation”. (Japanese)

◆ At the MX.TV channel we were transmitting from the air in “Tabi-Trip”. (Japanese)

◆ On the “day of disaster education” we were transmitting live from the air from Bokashi in Tochigi, reporting on the disaster drills. (Japanese)

◆ Saitama TV, Kanagawa TV and Chiba TV had us record the “Kiyoshi, the Beautiful Girls and the Yaji-Uma”. (Japanese)

◆ Again, we featured in the Tokyo MX production “Tokyo Morning Supplement”. (Japanese)

◆ The CS series “The Ultimate Sky-dancing Dudes – 2002 Japan Aerobatics GP” was filmed by, and featured, us. (Japanese)

◆ The popular program “MOBI”. (Japanese)

◆ The “Televider” series from Tokyo MX TV. (Japanese)

◆ Again, from Tokyo MX TV we were assisting with the “Miki Shirazawa’s Morning Tokyo” program. (Japanese)

◆ CRT Tochigi Radio “Heisei Radio Road – With You” featured us transmitting live. (Japanese)

◆ We were introduced in NHK’s “Hello Itto 6 Ken”. (Japanese)

◆ Our president was featured in Sky Perfect TV’s “The Women of Success” on channel 749. (Japanese)

◆ TBS Radio’s “Saturday Wide Radio” had Mr. Rokusuke Ei interview us. (Japanese)