Long-distance navigation training around Mt. Fuji| Alpha Aviation

Long-distance navigation training around Mt. Fuji

Today’s navigation training is a training course that takes off from the Alpha Aviation Shimotsuma Operation Center with a Robinson Helicopter R66 and heads west from Kanagawa to Mt. Fuji.

After flying clockwise around the foot of Mt. Fuji, we will head east from Kofu and return. At this distance, we can take off from the Shimotsuma flight station and return without refueling with plenty of time to spare.

・View of Mt.Fuji from the east side

・View of Mt.Fuji from south

・This is Kofu City, the prefectural capital of Yamanashi Prefecture. Fuji River on the left and Fuefuki River on the right.

・This is Koshu City, Yamanashi

Under the blue sky, we conducted effective long-distance navigation training while enjoying the wonderful scenery.

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