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28th anniversary of FBO

In August 21, Alpha Aviation celebrated our 28 years anniversary of FBO with perfect safety record. (more…)

R44 had returned to Alpha Aviation

R44 had overhauled and returned to Alpha Aviation.

Avionics had updated to the newest which is installed Garmin500. T his is such a nice color! We can’t wait fly with this.

The new R66 equipped AVIDYNE IFD440

The new R66 JA66AE had arrived at Shimotsuma Heliport as a new aircraft for pilot training. (more…)

Perfect Safety Record for 34 years Anniversary!!

In December 6, Alpha Aviation celebrated our 34 years anniversary since its inception in 1985 with perfect safety record. (more…)

Triple passing the practical test of airplane commercial pilot !

The trainee passed the commercial practical test today.
We achieved triple pass again !

Double passing the practical test of the commercial airplane pilot today !

Double passing the commercial practical test !
Trainees have made further progress toward the dream of airlines.

The Age of Diesel is coming. Top recommendation for small aircraft is DA40NG.

Cost reductions is possible by using Diesel engine. DA40NG is also fully equipped an air-conditioner for making comfortable flight. DA40NG is our top recommendation in the latest years. (more…)

Fukushima Airport Sky Day Festival is held !

Alpha Aviation performed the opening flight by DA42 with perfect success this year again.
It’s passed over above the venue as planned !

Pass the practical test of the airplane private pilot !

Our trainee became a pilot! Progress towards the dream of airlines. (more…)

Airplane training diary : We conducted pilot training very well before the typhoon passed.

The Alpha Aviation Fukushima Operation Center conducts airplane training every day. (more…)

Airplane training diary : Impressed by the beauty of nature

Alpha Aviation conducts airplane training every day at the Fukushima Operation Center. We passed through the Aizu region on the way to Niigata Airport for navigation training today. (more…)

One trainee passed the practical test of the airplane commercial pilot again !

Passed the Commercial Practical Exam this week ! (more…)