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Dr. Heli

Let’s look at getting a commercial license for multi-engine helicopter and get employment as a emergency medical services pilot!

You don’t get straight into a job offer for a Dr. Heli pilot. The companies managing the service continuously ask for new applicants to have over 2000 hours multi-engine before they can apply. But they ask for that continuously. But put differently, that means “if you have the license needed, you can always knock on the door”.

It the moment it’s a guideline that you need the 2000 hours multi-engine turbine to get hired on. (Because of the shortage of pilots, they also look at applicants with total time under about 1000 hours.) That’s the guidelines employed for applicants with previous work experience.

So how can you acquire more than 1000 hours? Usually it’s through power line patrol and photo flights you get the hours needed.

We’ve employed the system that otherwise is known from the universities, called the TA (teaching assistant) system. Alpha Aviation has arranged for a Dr. Heli-course, where some of it is comprised of hour-building as TA after obtaining a multi-engine turbine rating.

A benefit of this course that through a multi-engine turbine (land) rating, the places of potential employment will increase in number, and it’s obviously beneficial as a merit to your CV, as well as for an instructor certificate.