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Market share

Alpha Aviation has continued to hold onto the largest market share in the field of aviation training in Japan, which has stood at 64% since 1999. There are 29 authorized helicopter companies in Japan. And there are many complex laws governing the operation of aircraft.

We started as an approved flight operator in 1992. We have maintained our accident-free status since our start in 1985 when Shizuka Saito established Alpha Aviation.

Our safety record gives our customers confidence that we can provide the best training around. Alpha Aviation offers you:
*skillful instructors and mechanics,
*reliable helicopters,
*insured helicopters,
*expansive training areas,
*practice test data from former students
*excellent job opportunities via ex-students who are now professional pilots.

Our trainers give our customers advice and tips on how to purchase a helicopter and how to manage and maintain it.

Alpha Aviation has been a key contributor to general aviation in Japan by increasing the number of highly qualified pilots; we have also expanded the business aviation market in Japan.

                             by President
                             Shizuka Saito

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