Celebration: 30 years of accident-free business!| Alpha Aviation

Celebration: 30 years of accident-free business!

On August 21st, Alpha Aviation is reaching its 23rd year since receiving the commercial air operator’s certificate and the start of domestic operation in this capacity.

And in December we’re reaching the 30th year since the establishment of the company; 30 years of accident-free operation.

We’re proud of our position as Japan’s premier pilot training organization, facilitating everything from private pilot licenses, commercial licenses, instrument ratings, instructor ratings, single-engine turbine and multi-engine turbine ratings to aircraft category conversions, all with excellent pass-rates.

The students come from various backgrounds and roles, such as from the general public, the Teikyo University Department of Aerospace Helicopter Pilot Courses, Police, Fire Department and from other governmental institutions.

We’re enjoying success as authorized dealers of Robinson Helicopters, Diamond Aircraft, and are dealers of everything from helicopters to airplanes with an excellent sales record.

Continuing the accident-free tradition in the midst of these aeronautical business areas is our pride and joy, and we’re all working tirelessly to continue providing safe flight for everyone.

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