The construction of the 2nd hangar has been completed!!| Alpha Aviation

The construction of the 2nd hangar has been completed!!

The construction of the 2nd hangar at Alpha Aviation North Kanto Operation Center has been completed. In April 18th 2018, Alpha Aviation held the 2nd hangar construction Inauguration ceremony at North Kanto Operation Center. We have successfully completed this construction without stopping daily flight operation and we are grateful to all the staff for their cooperation. This is a great accomplishment that we built two hangars because building private property in public place is very difficult especially in Japan. There are no airports available for general aviation companies in Tokyo. Alpha Aviation and our hangars at RJSF located only 100 NM away from Tokyo and RJSF is the closest airport from center of Tokyo for people flying from foreign countries. We are looking forward to Tokyo Olympics coming in 2020, we will positively suggest that you fly to RJSF, use our hangars and we can carry you to Tokyo by our helicopters. We train a lot of pilots including students from Oberlin University. In recent years, Japan is seriously suffering from shortage of pilots. We need to keep improving the training environment and the training efficiency to train more pilots for the near future. Training efficiency can be improved because RJSF is the best place for training.

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