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Please lead before making contact

Please lead the following items before making contact us.

Enquire about trial flights and/or scenic flights

We receive many contact about flying in Japan with the foreign license during the sightseeing period.

In Japan, if you want to control aircraft yourself even you will be with instructor, the Student Certificate will be required. (Even you already have a license in your country) To get the Student Certificate, you will need pass Japanese Aviation Health Examination at specific hospitals or clinics in Japan.You will need to apply to the Aviation Breau Japan and wait. It will take about a month to finish these process.

Flight training in our school

Clarify the type of license
Please clarify the type of license you would like to obtain Helicopter / Fixed wing, Private / Commercial The total term and cost will be different depends on the type of license.

Clarify your target
Would you like to obtain the commercial pilot license to work as a pilot in Japan? What kind of pilot job are you looking for in Japan? It will be important to look at reality considering your age, nationality and place you live so far before spending a lot of money.

You can enjoy flight yourself with the private pilot license. Japanese license is also recognized globally. You will be able to use your Japanese private pilot license in some sort of countries. (Please verify yourself which kind of private license helicopter / airline can be used in which countries.)

Exchange your license to Japanese PPL
You can transfer your FAA license to Japanese private license. JCAB issues only a private license even if you transfer your FAA commercial license. (JCAB means Japan Civil Aviation Bureau. )

When you transfer your license, it takes very much long time -even in case of FAA license, more than 3 months, usually 6 months-. Also you must pass written test in English -Air law, held every 4 months- before you transfer the license. After you transfer your license to Japanese license, you have to take Aviation Medical examination.

Japanese Skills will be required. To get Japanese pilot license, you will need Japanese skills fairly high level. All exams (paper, practical, radio) are in Japanese.

This flight school is not eligible for a student Visa. You will need some other way to apply Visa to stay. (language schools, collages, or working Visa etc) Of course you need complete the task for keep your VISA to stay out side of our school.

Health Examination
Student certificate will be required for flight training. To apply your student certificate, you will need to take Aviation Health Exam at specific hospitals or clinics. It depends on the degree, your visual, auditory senses and electroencephalography (brain waves) must be normal.

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