A brief visit with Alpha Aviation – educating pilots and mechanics| Alpha Aviation

A brief visit with Alpha Aviation – educating pilots and mechanics

President Shizuka Saito established her company 28 years ago.
Her initial thought back then was: “When more people take to flying for hobby, more people end up as professional pilots. So if only we could multiply the undergrowth of pilots, we could achieve something significant.”
With that thought she began developing education of pilots and aviation mechanics and has established four flight operations for those activities, namely Tamagawamura in Fukushima Prefecture, Shimotsuma in Ibaraki Prefecture, Nakashibetsu and Ashoro both in Hokkaido Prefecture.
In november 2012 Alpha Aviation signed a contract with the city of Shimotsuma – a city working to expand its emergency preparedness – to provide aviation-based assistance in response to large-scale calamities.
With the company’s helicopter-based logistics etc. the preparedness to emergencies can be strengthened.
Furthermore, “from the air we can supply the city with information about unlawful littering and similar observations” Ms. Saito says, and refers to the role of everyday airborne patrol that the company undertakes.
It also acts as reseller for the aircraft from US-based Robinson Helicopter Company and other manufacturers.
The president simply calls the work she does “selling peace of mind.”
Through the training, education and nurturing work the company undertakes, the future seems to hold an significant increase of those who ‘dance through the stage of the skies’.

An Enjoyable Flight Club Experience!

An Enjoyable Flight Club Experience!

A graduate from Alpha Aviation’s pilot academy, Mr. K, enrolled in the Flight Club and enjoyed his first Club flight in a Robinson R44 helicopter.
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