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Long-distance navigation with R66 turbine helicopter

Long-distance navigation training was conducted with a single-engine turbine helicopter, Robinson helicopter R66, at the Alpha Aviation Shimotsuma Operation Center, where trainees are working hard to obtain a helicopter license.

It is a long-distance flight that takes off from Shimotsuma, lands at Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, and returns. The trainees checked the route and weather in detail in advance, made the final decision in the morning of the day, and took off with the veteran instructor. See the wonderful scenery that only pilots can enjoy.

・Takasaki City


・The famous Onioshidashi Garden. You can see the lava that flowed out when Mt. Asama erupted up close.

・Around Mt. Asama

・Saku City

・Near JAXA Space Observatory

・Nobeyama Radio Observatory

・Kofu city

・Heliport of Yamanashi Prefectural Police

・Fuji River

・Shizuoka City

・Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport

・Over Ashino-Lake

・Asaka Ground Self-Defense Force Camp

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