– Breaking news – Foreign trainee have passed the practical test of commercial pilot for helicopter!| Alpha Aviation

– Breaking news – Foreign trainee have passed the practical test of commercial pilot for helicopter!

December 1, 2016

Alpha Aviation has been offering helicopter and aircraft pilot trainings to foreigners and they have passed on practical tests. Those who wish to obtain a license contact us from all over the world, from trainees who want to have a private pilot license to trainees who already have a pilot career and desire a higher license. Even for trainees who don’t speak Japanese well, trainers speak English and conduct trainings, and they pass the practical test.

In Japan, there are few flight school offering training for foreigner. It is more difficult fort the teachers to teach foreigner than to teach Japanese. Foreigners with different cultures from Japan differ from their fundamental ideas, so we are implementing effective teaching methods considering the customs of each country. For those who have a flight career, we teach Japanese flight stile in which we plan more detail. Otherwise they can’t pass practical test.

The trainee who passed the practical test of commercial helicopter pilot today has abundant flight experience, ATP license of USA/Europe. He is a pilot who has many experiences in operating large helicopters such as AW 139 of Agusta Westland and flying at work in many countries.

In the morning of the Shimotsuma heliport, it has been raining from last night where it could not fly, but as we continue to judge the availability of flight from numerous information and knowledge such as weather information for aviation including general weather forecast. The rain has stopped and the sunny weather came into sight. The aircraft to take the practical test was R44 of Robinson helicopter company, which remark the world’s largest number of sales in helicopter. He immediately prepared the flight and took off successfully to navigation. While there was some mistake during the flight, he recovered and passed the test. His usual research and enthusiasm led to good results.

Congratulations. Let’s move on toward next goal.

Feel free to contact Alpha Aviation.
We look forward to seeing those who aiming to become a helicopter and an airplane pilot, those who want to enjoy the sky.

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