Alpha Aviation celebrates its 28th anniversary!!| Alpha Aviation

Alpha Aviation celebrates its 28th anniversary!!

Today, December 6th, Alpha Aviation celebrates its 28th anniversary!!

These are our company highlights of 2013:

  • Our 28 years of operation have been accident-free, as has been the case with our customers, too.

  • We sold a private jet, VLJ, to a customer in Japan. It was ferried from the USA to Japan. We provided additional flights for this customer, who continues to enjoy flying helicopters.

  • We continue to be a Robinson helicopter dealer in Japan, and the sole Diamond Aircraft distributor in Japan.

  • We sold several R66s to helicopter operators and personal users, who expanded their business scale to use an R66 turbine helicopter.

  • We sold two DA42s to flight operators who are using it for training and sight-seeing.

  • In 2009, we started to operate the DA42 with a diesel engine; at that time, nobody wanted to use diesel engines because they were deemed too risky. However, we proved that the DA42 is reliable and economical. Year by year, our client base increased because they realized that the DA42 is such an efficient aircraft.

  • We introduced the R66, an aircraft with efficient performance to flight operators and private users.

All in all, we had a successful year as we expanded our business by introducing new aircraft to our clients. We always strive to provide first-class service and to satisfy our customers.

We are looking forward to a brilliant new year, and we wish the same for all of you!

                             by President
                             Shizuka Saito

Robinson R66

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