21st Anniversary| Alpha Aviation

21st Anniversary

On August 21st 2013 we celebrated Alpha Aviation’s 21st anniversary.
The company has been accident–free since 1992 when we received flight operating permission from JCAB.

We have been making big strides in our business.
At the beginning, the company was launched with only two Robinson R22s.
Year by year we have expanded our market share of aviation training in Japan and we now provide 70% of domestic training.

Furthermore, we are a dealer of Robinson helicopters and are the sole Diamond aircraft dealer in Japan.
Our sales are increasing, too.

Recently, we began operating the ‘Very Light Jet’, such as Citation Mustang.
We provide fractional ownership to customers who want to both share and use the VLJ for their personal transportation.

We operate helicopters and fixed wings.
In addition, we offer luxury personal transportation, which means that using customer’s book helicopters and VLJs at their convenience.

We have already succeeded in many business ventures, some of which include collaborating with universities, news organizations and environmental inspections.
We also care for the environment by using fuel that is lead-free, making Alpha Aviation an innovator in Japanese aviation.

Our goal is to help in making aviation services more accessible to more people.

An Enjoyable Flight Club Experience!

An Enjoyable Flight Club Experience!

A graduate from Alpha Aviation’s pilot academy, Mr. K, enrolled in the Flight Club and enjoyed his first Club flight in a Robinson R44 helicopter.
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