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Fukushima Operation Center
At Fukushima Airport the Alpha Aviation Fukushima Operation Center takes care of both helicopter and airplane training. The pride of airplane general aviation, the Diamond Aircraft DA series, with their glass cockpits are based there. Read more – ‘Fukushima Operation Center’.
Nakashibetsu Operation Center
Also on the island of Hokkaido, the Nakashibetsu Operation Center can provide more specialized training in airport and runway operations, as well as navaid-based training, while still giving access to the magnificent Hokkaido nature and scenery. Read more – ‘Nakashibetsu Operation Center’.
Ashoro Operation Center
Situated in Hokkaido Prefecture, the Ashoro Operation Center services the northernmost part of Japan with it's majestic nature and fresh air. Read more – ‘Ashoro Operation Center’.
Kanto Operation Center
Shimotsuma Heliport, close to the capital of Tokyo, provides a multitude of benefits for the flight training student. Read more – ‘Kanto Operation Center’.