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Work as a Mechanic and the Certification

Mr. Nagisaka from the Maintenance Department explains.

Educated at Nihon University’s Faculty of Engineering. After acquiring a private airplane certificate he continued to work as instructor. Upon enrollment at Alpha Aviation he also obtained a mechanic certificate as well as a helicopter pilot license.

A career More Fun than that of a Pilot”

When you hear the word ‘aircraft mechanic’, you may think of a man soiled in oil, but that’s only one part of the job. The actual tasks and duties comprise a much larger picture”, says Mr. Nagisaka.

Performing the annual airworthiness inspection it requires the strict adherence to principles and rulesets laid out already. It’s called maintenance management, and involves producing quite some paperwork.”

It’s surprising but the management carries as much wait as the actual maintenance work, which is called maintenance “work”. This management also comprises sifting through English-language manuals, and intensive computer “desk work”, so to speak”, Mr. Nagisaka adds.

Alpha Aviation can help you with the maintenance certificate of your dreams.

More information is found in this PDF (Japanese).

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