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Useful Links

Here’s some links we at Alpha Aviation find ourselves using frequently.

Alpha Aviation’s Blog Sites (in Japanese):
Mr. Oosora’s blog
The blog of Shimotsuma Heliport

Alpha Aviation’s Blog
The YouTube Channel of Alpha Aviation

Aircraft Manufacturers
Robinson Helicopter Company
American manufacturer of the Robinson R66, R44 and R22 helicopters.

Diamond Aircraft
Austrian manufacturer of the DA42, DA40 and the D-jet aircraft.

Diamond Simulation
Before a Diamond Aircraft is mastered, some time can be spent in these simulators.

Tokyo MX TV
The broadcaster of 14 channels from the Tokyo Tower.

Chiba TV
The broadcaster of our Helicopter Shows.

Act On TV
Sky Perfect TV! 280 channels, j-com, broadcaster of cable TV in the entire Japan.

Restaurant specializing in the Japanese Hitachi beef. Hidashirakawago-style, beautiful, traditionally architected restaurant on top of Mt. Tsukuba.

Tsukuba Circuit
A famous racing circuit located nine kilometers from Shimotsuma Heliport.

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