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A word from Mr. Koike, Aircraft Mechanic

An new veteran is hard at work
Newly joined Alpha Aviation, I was until last year employed at a major airline working with large airplanes, which I have done for decades.
At the moment I’m working hard on the small aircraft types.

Skeleton airplane
Have you ever looked through a transparent airplane?
If it’s transparent it’s extremely easy to work with, since you can see all the tubing and wiring.
Before, when I was working with B747s, B744s, DC10s and MD11s, even though I was trying I couldn’t see through them; you couldn’t strip them entirely of their panels.
If you could make it transparent, you’d be a pro. And we’ve got professionals at Alpha Aviation.

At the foundation of maintenance is cleaning
If an aircraft is dirty it’s difficult to find irregularities. That’s why cleaning is at the foundation of maintenance.
If you see the airframe, you see the maintenance state it’s in.
The pride of an aircraft mechanic is to offer the very best quality and state of airplane to the customer.

You’ll overcome the challenge!
The dream to become aircraft mechanic, can it become reality? If you set your longterm and short term milestones very clear, you’ll absolutely make your dreams of the open sky become reality. We’ll definitely support you in your quest.

Twenty-six years without an accident
You don’t get to 38 years without an accident merely by chance. We’re working hard and are confident to keep this record up and counting.
Leave it to us.

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