Double-employment!| Alpha Aviation


Congratulations! Two more of our graduates have succeeded in getting employment!
Two of our graduates have achieved pilot employment at a major helicopter company, at the same time.
Congratulations! Hope you continue a great career of safe flying.

This time it was great news with a double-employment, but that was quite well-deserved, after the effort shown through the curriculum and equally in the job-search.

There’s a sudden spike in the need for pilots within the public and paramilitary fields at the moment. It’s quite a boon to have a pilot’s certificate as one is hired on as a public servant nowadays, since this can get you the pilot job all of a sudden.

What do you say, come have a flight with us and see what you think.
All the while you’ll be able to enjoy the view of the distant mountains while climbing up into the thin air. Feel free to contact us for more.

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