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Kanto Operation Center

The benefits of the Kanto Operation Center

  1. An unrivaled location, Kanto provides easy and adjacent access to Areas 4-1 to 4-8 in the Japanese airspace system, minimizing wasted training hours commuting.

  2. It’s the only heliport in the metropolitan Kanto area where training can be done at and adjacent to the heliport itself, again minimizing the time spent commuting to training areas.

  3. Adjacent to the heliport there’s areas where maneuvering and autorotations can be practiced, again eliminating commute time.

  4. At the heliport is a maintenance facility with official manufacturer’s authorization and appointed sales representation and airworthiness certificates, ensuring that we can meet all needs of helicopter airmen.

  5. There’s even agricultural spraying carried out from R22’s based at the Kanto Operation Center, giving students a good opportunity to broadening and deepening their skills as pilots.

    Briefing before departure     Adjacent to the heliport there’s an area
                      to practice emergency landings

Instructors and students clean an aircraft   Students attending weather briefing

  All the students at a morning meeting     Veterans perform maintenance  

At Shimotsuma City in Ibaraki prefecture you’ll find the Shimotsuma Heliport training facility. In the airspace around the heliport you can enjoy a “sky-promenade”. From the air you’ll see the view of Mount Tsukuba and the Tsukuba Circuit (Racing Track). (Taken from our Newscopter.)

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Kanto Operation Center

  • 〒304-0031
    5413-1, Takasai, Shimotsuma, Ibaraki
  • TEL : 0296-30-1080


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