Message from the President| Alpha Aviation

Message from the President


In December 6, Alpha Aviation celebrated our 34 years anniversary since its inception in 1985 with perfect safety record.

We’re pleased that we have wonderful customers and everyone who understands and supports our efforts to continue safe operations. Thank you for your cooperations.

We will make a leap forward in 2020 by mixing the know-how that we have accumulated and new challenges. We truly thank you for your support!

Twelve years into the 21st century the world is beginning to diverge from the western-dominated structure we have grown to accept.

An era of tremendous growth for Asian countries is giving birth to a new economic environment and the various countries are reaching remarkable stages of development.

Japan is also going forward as a participant in that environment. We cannot avoid globalism; otherwise, we will stagnate.In the world of aviation as well, the number of Japanese who manage aircraft ownership is gradually dwindling.

As we are educating pilots and engineers, we will have to foster personalities that work towards the same goals as people in the rest of the world. Pilots and engineers tend to view the world as a more coherent playing field than we have done up until now.

Alpha Aviation is adopting new technologies and rational global standards quicker than anyone. However, this has to be done in a harmonious way that reveres the Japanese spirit and what we can be proud of.
That is how we will greet the new world of global aviation.

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Perfect safety record

Flying Accident-Free for 30 Years!

Alpha Aviation celebrates its 28th anniversary!!