Spanish Helicopter Championship 2000| Alpha Aviation

Spanish Helicopter Championship 2000

German Helicopter Championship


                     SPAIN, Sevilla

           Say “cheese”! Alpha Aviation Staff and Competitors

  Japanese team:(from left)                  The only authorized
  Mitsuo Aoyama,                         Japanese judge:
  Shizuka Saito,                           Takashi Onose
  Takashi Tanizawa, and                    from Alpha Aviation.
  Akihiro Sakamoto
  All pilots are staff of Alpha Aviation Company.

Shizuka Saito and the Japanese team are interviewed    Unrelentry heat and sun
by Spanish TV.                             every day. The Spanish
                                      military team members
                                      take a rest under
                                      their Super Puma.

Don’t touch the skittle!! Shizuka Saito (Pilot) and Mitsuo Aoyama (Co-pilot) win the Bronze Medal! Event No.1 (Navigation with Precise Timed Arrival and Drop-Off Load)

Concentration on Touch Down!
Only a few centimeters off will be penalized Shizuka Saito (Pilot) and Mitsuo Aoyama (Co-Pilot) win the Gold Medal! Event No.2 (Precision Flying and Landing)

Takashi Tanizawa (Pilot) and Akihiro Sakamoto (Co-Pilot) win the Silver Medal! Event No.2 Precision Flying and Landing

Takashi Tanizawa (Pilot) and Akihiro Sakamoto (Co-Pilot) win the Gold Medal!!
Event No.4 (Slalom)

                 ”Will all these fit in the chopper?”

At the closing ceremony and awards reception, Akihiro Sakamoto strides into the room with the “Rising Sun”.

The Japanese Team; (from left) Takashi Onose, Mitsuo Aoyama, Kenji Saito, Shizuka Saito, Takashi Tanizawa, Akihiro Sakamoto

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