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Our Favorite Familycopter R44

We produced a family drama in which our students, helicopter owners and our staff performed.

Cast of characters
Yuta Nakayama :University student, at the same time he attends Alpha Aviation Academy for helicopter training, wants to be a rescue pilot.
Nagisa Nakayama : Yuta’s mother
Mr.Mitsuo Aoyama : Yuta’s flight instructor
Ayuko Tanaka : Yuta’s friend
Yujiro Nakayam : Yuta’s uncle
Yamato Kawai : Yuta’s fellow pilot
Keiko Chiba : Yamato’s friend

Yuta plans a birthday party for Ayuko on his uncle’s cruiser with his friends, Yamato and Keiko. They have already arrived at Yuta’s uncle, Yujiro’s yacht club and are waiting for Ayuko, but she is stuck in a traffic jam. Yujiro takes Yamato and Keiko fishing and Yuta is waiting for Ayuko alone. One and a half hours later, Yuta gets an emergency call from Yujiro because his cruiser has engine trouble, so he asks Yuta to bring the part to his boat, which is drifting 20 miles off course. He is afraid of running aground due to low tide. He pushes Yuta to find the part and deliver it to the cruiser.

At the same time, Ayuko arrives at the yacht club, but she does not understand what’s going on . Yuta decides to ask his instructor , Mr.Aoyama, for help. Meanwhile, Nagisa visits the heliport where her son is training to meet Mr.Aoyama to talk about Yuta’s progress. By chance she overhears his phone call with her son. Mr.Aoyama accepts Yuta’s request. Nagisa asks Aoyama to takes her to the yacht club to meet Yuta. Mr.Aoyama and Nagisa land at the yacht club and pick Yuta and Ayuko up to fly to Yujiro’s cruiser to deliver the part. Mr.Aoyama finds Yujiro’s cruiser .Then Yuta and Ayuko dive into the sea and swim to his boat with the part and succeed in delivering it. Yujiro fixes his cruiser and Ayuko’s birthday party begins. Everybody is excited about today’s adventure and the success of their teamwork. Yuta is now determined more than ever to be a rescue pilot.

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