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Participation in Championships

World Helicopter Championships is an event sponsored by helicopter manufacturers and GA companies. They’ve created a union called FAI (somewhat akin to the FIFA) and once every two years arrange the championship at various locations in the world, for the betterment of helicopter technology and air transport know-how.

The articles below are in Japanese, but we’re working on translating them very soon. Please check back later.

Helicopter World Championships 2002
Held in August, at Aigan Airport, Austria.

Helicopter World Championships 2000 Spain
Helicopter World Championships 2000 Germany
June, in Sevilla El Copero Military Airfield, Spain.
August, Eisenach-Kindel, Germany.

Helicopter Championships 1999
August, Nordlingen Airport, Munich, Germany.  

In the midst of a heatwave we were practicing for the Austria competition.
We, the Japanese team, won medals two consecutive years.
Here’s to winning the third!
Above is some footage of the practice sessions.