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Alpha Aviation’s Strengths

Alpha Aviation is a true innovator of Japanese aeronautical industry.

We were the first in Japan to establish courses to acquire a commercial pilot license in helicopters using Robinson Heliopters from day one.
 By this breakthrough we cultivated a new market by making it possible to acquire a pilot license fast and with few flying hours necessary.

We received type certification in small aircraft.
 Trough this we could jump-frog previously expensive import and recertification.

As the first in Japan we’ve pushed for certification of aircraft diesel engines and the first to fly them for real and in earnest.

We’re bringing about certification of full-glass cockpit in small aircraft and are using them to educate commercial pilots and their instrument ratings.

We’re modifying training helicopters to comprise glass cockpits and are educating commercial pilots in them. Despite being very difficult to apply to aviation, we’re introducing environmentally friendlier unleaded aviation fuel for our aircraft.

Through collaboration with national universities we’re achieving great innovation.
Through such achievements we’ve given birth to a paradigm shift in Japanese aviation.