Business Areas| Alpha Aviation

Business Areas

Training and educational activities:

  • Flight training for rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Education of aircraft mechanics and engineers
  • Trustee of special flight training for police
  • Trustee of special flight training for fire department
  • General education with regards to transfer of international pilot certificates

Photography and video recording activities:

  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial filming, video and TV

Information gathering activities:

  • Flight for journalistic purposes
  • Aerial filming for direct transmission
  • Inspection and observation flights
  • Observational flights
  • Inspection in relation to emergency and disaster prevention
  • Aerial inspection and command-and-control duties in times of emergency
  • Advertisement flights
  • Broadcast publicity flight

Sightseeing flights

Trustee flights:

  • Trustee navigational and maintenance flights

Maintenance activities:

  • Aircraft maintenance and remodeling
- Inspection and overhaul
  • Robinson Helicopter Company authorized warranty fulfillment
  • Maintenance of Diamond Aircraft
  • Maintenance of Thielert aircraft engines
  • Servicing of Garmin avionics

Authorized reseller:

  • Robinson Helicopter Co. aircraft and parts sales
  • Diamond Aircraft Co. aircraft, parts and simulator sales Thielert Aircraft Engines Co. sales of engines and parts
  • Aspen Avionics Ltd. sales
  • Rolls Royce Ltd. engine sales
  • Import, export and sales of aircraft of various makes and models

Consulting activities:

  • Aeronautical activities in general
  • Construction and planning of landing facilities, such as heliports and airfields

Aeronautical insurance products representative:

  • Damage insurance with focus on air transport