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Formation Flight in the DA40

Formation flight at Fukushima Sora-no-hi festival

On a fine day of late summer the Fukushima Sora-no-hi Festival (Day of the Sky Festival) was celebrated.
Among the guests of the festival there was some concern to be heard about the horizon’s lingering rain clouds, but the day was blessed with fine weather and it was as though the weather backed up the spirit of rejuvenating Fukushima after the recent earthquake disaster.

At this event, fairly recent after the disaster, there was still plenty of visitors from inside and outside the prefecture. From the very moment we opened our booth there were guests to greet us and even though we had prepared extra items for people that had ordered beforehand, we we quickly running out of the aviation-themed goods we sold at the booth.

At last the time had come for our Diamond DA40 formation flight display.
We did two flights: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
The visitors gazed attentively from the open-this-day-only spectator area on the apron, how the two DA40’s from Alpha Aviation started up their display.
The two veteran flight instructors took off elegantly and flew a nice display around the area in a formation almost heat-poundingly close to the vocal cheering of the crowd.
In the fine weather, the silhouettes of the DA40s were a fascinating sight.

We had quite a number of pleasant visits from people aspiring for a pilot’s certificate. They had an opportunity to have a look around our Fukushima flight division, see the benefits of our education, and after a satisfying tour signed up for the education with us.
There were also quite a number of people that had a browse through our mail magazine.
We really appreciate all the attention we received that day. Thanks very much to all that came to meet us. Even though you’ve been to see us this time doesn’t mean you’re not very very welcome next year as well!

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